Think Freight is an e-commerce freight company working directly with online retailers. These retailers are Think Freight’s customers.

This offering is unique in the industry because:

  • It adds value to the online retail customers who hosts the e-commerce site at no cost;
  • The consumer pays for both the merchandise and shipping simultaneously upon e-commerce checkout; and
  • The consumers have a choice of carriers and competitive pricing.

How does it work?

  • Customers make a purchase from an on-line retailer (e.g., liquidator).
  • When making the purchase, the customer can choose what company will deliver the product.
  • Through relationships with vendors, Think Freight will be a delivery option for the customer.
  • When a customer chooses Think Freight, we will then deliver the freight purchased.
  • Think Freight is paid by the customer, not the vendor (i.e., on-line retailer). The vendor is a pathway for Think Freight to share its service.

Pre-paid freight is rare for brokers; our risk is significantly lowered due to this business model. Proprietary “Shop-n-Ship” technology and a Transportation Management System (TMS) will be used to drive the website experience and tracking freight movements. Both of these advancements enhance the customer experience and allows for constant updates. Initially, this will be in the reconditioned electronics market which is designated by A-Stock, B-Stock, and C-Stock.

General Company Description

Think Freight provides pre-paid freight movements through e-commerce retailers. The commercial consumer purchases the merchandise and we provide the option to include freight. This allows the customer to “Shop-n-Ship” their merchandise, without figuring out how to transport it on their own.

Our proprietary ordering system allows for a single pallet or an entire truck load of merchandise to be selected. Each will have Standard Carrier Alpha Codes (SCAC)/Electronic data Interchange (EDI) for tracking and accounting purposes. Our rapid response team and automated system ensures the quickest method of shipping at the lowest price. This also provides a personal experience for each customer. Our TMS tracks freight movement and alerts customers of door-to-door details, and our automated system allows for multiple stops which saves businesses costly man hours to prepare and manage.